What to do without inspiration?

I know there is a word for what I feel, maybe not in the Oxford dictionary, but a term has been coined. Alas, it’s stuck somewhere and I can’t remember it.

What I feel is an overflow of creative energy, what I feel is a deep sadness and a sense of failure as I have no way of expressing this energy. Instead I end up procrastinating, playing video games, and slowly becoming more irritated.

What can you do when you feel like you really need to do something RIGHT NOW, but you lack the termination, talent, and most of all inspiration? Missing the times when I used to write more, little stories and poems every now and then. When I always used to carry a little notebook to be able to capture my thoughts in form of scribbles and sketches. I remember when I would sit up util the early morning to finish off my photoshop works, or working with gifs.

When did I lose the passion? Or is it just the case of a loss of inspiration?

-If so, how do I get it back?


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