2016 – the year the Internet has sworn not to talk about once it’s over.

The past year has been a tough one. In many ways it’s been a hard one for me personally as well.

In June I went through something really bad, and had to make a really hard decision. I was so lucky to have my wonderful partner by my side, who supports me in everything.

In July my grandfather passed away after a longer period of being ill. He suffered from Alzheimer’s and for the last period of his life he lived in a care home as my grandmother couldn’t cope caring for him by herself. When he got confused and forgot stuff he was very scared, which expressed itself in violence as he could get it into his head that my grandmother was an intruder. When I met my grandmother on the day of his funeral, I asked her how she was. She looked straight at me with tears in her eyes, and she told me that in a way she was relieved. She knew how hard it was for my granddad to live the way he did. Lonely and almost no memories left. Grandma couldn’t even visit him very often as the personnel at the care home said he got too sad when she left. During that day of his funeral my grandmother told me that the real goodbye for her was when he went away, and she had to continue living in their home by herself, after living together for over 50 years.

In August my office moved to another town, so instead of having a 25min train ride, I now had a 50+min and had to take 2 trains. When I had previously paid £172 a month, I now had to pay £303 a month – only to get to work. (Which by the way is internet based and could have been done from anywhere)

Throughout the year my depression got worse, I was always feeling under so much pressure, that not many things brought me pleasure.

BUT 2016 as a whole was a great year for me.

In January/February I started my new role at work. Instead of being a 1st line agent in our support centre, I was taken off the phone a bit. Instead of answering emails I built the new systems for new customers. I was so enjoying my new job – more responsibility, interesting work assignments, getting a step up the ladder.

In July we went on a trip to Costa Del Sol, Spain, with Josh’s family. Which was amazing – except for the fact that our flat had no AC. We spent the days on the beach or at the pool. Taking long walks to the nearby town and playing Pokémon Go. In the evenings we were all sitting out on the balcony drinking and listen to music.

In September we had our 3 years anniversary which was such a wonderful day, I wish I could compact it into something I can carry around in my pocket and revisit whenever I need a pick me up.

In October we went for our first ever house viewing, and fell in love. Straight away.

November/December was a crazy quest arranging financial advisers, solicitors, applications, expenses, mortgages, insurance and everything that comes with buying a flat.

In mid December we had signed the papers, I had been offered a promotion within my company, with a relocation and a pay rise.

For Christmas we went to Sweden and spent a lovely 6 days with my family. We  spent some time at grandma’s, had amazing food and just lovely company.


– 2017 –

So for this new year, there has been a lot of changes for me.

We are going to have a new home in the end of May, and there is nothing more I want in this world than to have our own place for just the two of us. What’s crazy is that in a few months it will be reality.

I have started training for my new role, and I’ve been permanently relocated to the London office. My working hours have changed to the standard 09.00 – 17.30, and my train takes less than half the time it took to travel to my old office. I am able to sleep longer in the morning, and leave together with my boyfriend. Every morning we walk to the station, take the train together, and every day after work we meet up and get the train home together. I am so so happy. It ridiculous now how I realise how unhappy I was with my old situation. I did have the best coworkers in the world, a really nice office, and I do miss that when I come into the gloomy London office, where I know only a handful of the people. However the fact that I can sleep longer in the morning, travel less, being in central London, having more time together with my boyfriend, having ACTUAL challenges and learning things at work has made the world of difference. I can feel it in my body, I’m so damn happy.

2017, I’m ready for you!




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