Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge

Last year was my first ever try to do the Goodreads reading challenge. I started out a bit to optimistic and later noticed that I would have to decrease my target dramatically. However I still finished 2015 with 14 books read out of my final target of 12 books.

In the beginning of 2016 I was as confident and did not want start out with the same error as the previous year. I settled on 12 books, which in fairness is a lot more than I’ve read in most years before. Even though I love reading I can go months with a reading “dry patch”. So one book a month seemed like a good target for me.

Now when the time is almost up, I look through my challenge I’m quite happily surprised. For the year of 2016 (minus the 3 days left – which I won’t use to read much) I have read 24 books. This is mainly due to Audible and the fact that I learned how to enjoy audio books. This has helped me a lot to get more “reading” done, and I’ve finally caught up on some books I’ve wanted to read for ages.

What I enjoy most about the audio books is how convenient it is to listen to. On a normal day I will walk 20 minutes to the train station, and then also need to change trains, and then an additional 10 minutes walk to the office. When reading physical books or ebooks, it would be hard for me to really get into the story as I would constantly need to stop, and it’s hard sometimes to walk and read at the same time (I’ve almost walked into other people and lamp posts more than a few times). But with the audio books it’s really easy. I put the book on when I leave the house, and can listen constantly all the way to work.

This post was not meant to show the pros of audio books, I was just happy to tell about my year of reading.

Here is my challenge and the books I’ve read during 2016:


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