In short I would call 2015 the year I properly became an adult. This was not because I turned 21, but because of how I’ve changed during the last solar lap.

In early January I think I was quite down, I left a temp job after just one week because I couldn’t stand doing the call centre anymore and the management was terrible.

In February I unexpectedly got a job interview for a full time job, and I started within a week.
This is the real first job I’ve had so it was a huge change for me.
Since I moved to England I had 3 temp jobs varying from 1 to 4 weeks, and that lasted for 8 months, so I didn’t have an income and I literally emptied my saving account and my boyfriend payed for all my things.
When I started my new job he transfered money to me each week for my train and lunches until I got my first pay.

Me and the boyfriend opened an ISA each in March to save up for a deposit for a flat/house.

In April I bought my first new phone and contract (my other phones have been pre owned and I’ve always had a pay as you go sim).

In May I had passed my probation and was officially full time employed with a decent salary.

In July I took my first ever annual leave. I could go back to Sweden for 2 weeks with my boyfriend without feeling anxious about the money I spent.

In August I took all the courage I had within me to ask for a raise, since I was offered a lower salary than was advertised.
They increased my salary that same very month.

In November I was offered a promotion, starting sometime in January.

During December I took a great step to change my view of the world and become more positive. Even if has just started I can notice the change and I hope I will be able to be the strong, loving person I want to be.


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