FFXIV – Current Female Au Ra Glamour

First off is my main, WARRIOR.
I got the full Law gear set which is dyed Turquiose Green.
The axe has now been changed to Serpent Elite’s Bardiche


Chest and legs are Taffeta set (dyed Turquoise Green)
Head is Serpent Elite’s Circlet
Hands Ramie Halfgloves of Casting (dyed Turquoise Green)
Feet (out of picture) are Goatskin Espadrilles (dyed Turquoise Green)


Highland Hood (dyed Turquoise Green)
Glacial Coat (dyed Turquoise Green)
Clacial Boots
My chocobo is wearing Highlander Barding


ROUGE (this is not a proper glamour but I wore this for a wedding, and made it as a set)
Best Man’s Jacket (dyed Turquoise Green)
Best Man’s Slacks (dyed Turquoise Green)
Best Man’s Gaiters




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