What would happen if the UK left the EU

The conservative government is considering letting the people vote if the UK should remain a member of the EU.

I am a Swedish national living and working in England. Because of the open borders within the EU, I was able to simply move here, get a national insurance number, a bank account, and a job. I work here and I pay tax.

But what would happen if this country which is my new home would leave the EU? Would the migrants already living here have to get some sort of Visa? Would we be sent out? Would we have to register or pass tests to be able to stay? Or would it just carry on as it is now?

Anyone who knows more about the EU, UK migration politics that can speculate  about this? I’m very curious.


One thought on “What would happen if the UK left the EU”

  1. Hey zebrabajz – I have been a long time away from looking at blogs and just catching up I see you are here in the UK. Hope you are enjoying it, despite the lack of summer sunshine!
    I honestly don’t know what would happen to you if we came out of the EU but I hope that you’d be able to stay if you wanted. Even if we *did* vote to leave the EU I think we’d want to maintain links with Europe, perhaps be more like the EEA countries politically, but where free movement is still possible.
    I know the area you are working, a little – have you been to Knowle Park?
    EJ 🙂

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