One of the biggest questions in politics at the moment is immigration.

Some might say how we need to solve this problem, because people are flowing over the borders and our countries cannot even care for their own people. Here in England, from what I have seen, the average Brit carries quite a lot of racism. Many talk about ‘we’ and ‘them’. The hate against Muslims has grown so much the last few years, the last months. Islamic State is getting stronger and many has adopted the view that every Muslim is a potential terrorist.

We can see it everywhere, the hate against the Eastern European homeless immigrants. In some countries they are considering making it illegal to beg for money.
Maybe we as privileged people just can’t stand the sight of the more unfortunate.

While sitting at work I heard a man on the radio talk angrily about the immigration problem. I looked around my office. This is an office based in Sevenoaks, Kent, England. You know what, every single person working in that office today is an immigrant. Out of almost 20 people all are immigrants, including me. There is a Finn, a Norwegian, a French, and the rest, we are divided up quite equally between Germans and Swedes.

Why are immigrants working when English people could have had these jobs? Well, it is a customer support centre I work in. We provide technical support to our customers. Sure English people can do that too.

The reason we all got our jobs is because we are immigrants. It’s easy for people to say that all the immigrants keep stealing decent peoples job. But there is a reason why we got these jobs. Because we speak another language on a native level.

So no, not any Brit could have our work. I have not stolen my job from some ‘hard-working’ native.I work in this country and I pay taxes into it’s system.

Imagine if we did not have open borders within The European Union. I could not have come here to start my new life, I could not have chosen to be with my love.

I think leaving the EU would be bad for England. Mostly because they do not know of all the great perks of being a member.
It’s quite often that I hear about how great Sweden is, and how lucky we are with our education system. The thing is, every member of the EU could come to Sweden to go to university for free. Not bad huh? You don’t even need to know Swedish since there is a lot of programs and courses given in English.

This is just one example.


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