My Tera Characters

So, I know I haven’t been very active on my blog. But I thought I could give you guys an update on my Tera gaming, and my characters .


This is the first character I created. I love her, I think the Aman race is the coolest.
Just look at her, she looks so powerful (even though the armour looks a bit ridiculous.
Name: Zebrabajz
Race: Aman
Class: Berseker
Level: 32

And then my highest level character, found this one easier to level than the beserker.
Name: Manskarva
Race: Popori
Class: Archer
Level: 47

This is my healer, I really do enjoy playing this one, because healing (support) is most fun in dungeons.
Also, she’s really strong, and I don’t have any problems with taking on bigger monsters since I can keep myself supplied with health and mana, while dealing big damages.
Name: Heavensent
Race: Castanic
Class: Preist
Level: 39

And my Reaper. I was so excited to get the Reaper, it was my goal to get my  archer to get to level 40 so I could start a Reaper character.
Name: Iamthecondor
Race: Elin
Class: Reaper
Level: 58

And my newest character, I created this to honour Josh, who always likes the mages mor than any other class.
I do have some problem with this character though, since the skills aren’t that exciting at the low levels, and his way too squishy.
Name: Elfjosh
Race: High Elf
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 17

I know that they’re all quite low level, but I do really enjoy this game. I’ve made a promise to get my archer up to level 60 (top level) before I start my next character.

I have huge plans for my next one though. I want to make a character based on the Valkyries.
I’m going to make her a Female Human. I was considering making her a Slayer, because I like the look the of the big long sword.
But after some research into the Slayer and their armour, I thought that it didn’t really fit my idea of a Valkyrie.
You see the Slayer are one of the classes that wear Light Armour, and they just all look like variations of bikinis and they’re too sexual for my taste.
SOOOO, I am quite sure that I’ll make her a Lancer (which is the Tank class in this game). Also that fits, since the Valkyries were usually pictured as having spears or lances.
For this character I’ll get some costume items, like a Winged Hairband, a cape (maybe the Snow Cape), a Weapon Skin, and maybe even the Sleipnir mount.

Let me know which classes you play and what race is your favourite.

Also, let me know what you think about my Valkyrie plan!


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