Just saw – Guardians of the Galaxy

So yesterday me, Josh, and his brother Dave went to Bromley to see Guardians of the Galaxy; a film I’ve been excited about since the very first time I heard that they were going to make it.

Face it, Guardians > Avengers. Yes, I know how much I loved the Avengers, and how much of a fangirl I was. But ALL of the Guardians have such a interesting personality.

The villains are amazing and complex, yes I really like Loki as the bad guy and all of that, but this was better on such a deep level.

My absolute favourite is Rocket (SURPRISE!), but seriously, he reminds me a bit of Deadpool, but he has this sadness around him and his relationship with Groot is just such a wonderful thing to watch.

Peter “Star-Lord” Quill seemed a bit like a boring, worse version of Jim Kirk (in the new films), a bit of a screw up, loves the ladies, and both goes after Zoe Saldana.

But I have to admit that he grew on me, his tragic back story was a really important part to bond with this character.

The film was full of amazing action, amazing graphics, and A LOT of humour. It was also very sweet, and it actually brought a little tear to my eye more than once.


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