Anonymous call boycott on World Cup

Very interesting text and video about things that most people don’t know about The World Cup and Brazil.

total voetbal

Anonymous, an international network of activists and hacktivists, have announced via YouTube that they will release an operation within 48 hours of the World Cup starting; campaigning against the corruption of FIFA, the Brazilian Government and sponsors of the tournament.

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brazil7Anonymous are a group who have become renowned for their ‘hacktivism’ activities, which often act as a form of protest against commercial institutions, Government agencies and other entities. Their most well-known campaigns include shutting down the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency website as well as hacking the Sony PlayStation Network, causing the online servers to be down for over 2 weeks. Also most recently they set up a campaign protesting about net neutrality, with the operation being named #NETSTORM.

These acts resulted in a huge increase in followings for the anarchic movement, showing that the force of the masses is well and truly present. This…

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