“They Only Want One Thing” The Fear of Men

“This is why the push to teach *people not to rape instead of teaching *people how to avoid being raped is so important.”

Chapter TK

This photo, “Rape Infographic” is copyright (c) 2014 Snipergirl and made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license

When discussing issues surrounding feminism and gender equality, women often take center stage, but we should also acknowledge how patriarchy affects men. Before I go on, let me say that I know the sort of inequality and discrimination women face is far more frequent and often more violent than what happens to men. Still, patriarchy has negative effects on the male gender that are worth discussing.

The cultural definition of patriarchy is “a family or society in which authority is vested in males, through whom descent and inheritance are traced.” I, however, see patriarchy as something less related to one’s biological gender and more related to society’s definition of masculine and feminine. The man who displays culturally accepted attributes of masculinity is held high while the man who displays culturally accepted…

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