Feminism and Fear of Being Called a ‘Fake Nerd’

Amazing piece about nerd feminism. That in some fandoms people get called fake fans only because they’re female.

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I am a feminist. As such, I believe that men and women should be treated equally. Common issues in the world of feminist can be black and white, or exist in a funny grey area. For example, it goes without saying that a woman should not be forced into a marriage. I can’t think of a grey area right now, but I’m sure those issues exist.

I follow a handful of feminist blogs on tumblr like I One Had a Guy Tell Me... and Fandoms and Feminism. These are my favorites, but there are many I follow. Sometimes, feminist issues get intertwined with my nerdy interest and I’ve decided I have to stop reading these posts.

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I’ve read about women who were objectified and harassed at conventions. I’ve read stories about how women are confronted and called “fake geeks” because they don’t know everything there is to know…

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