Sexism in games


We all know how big the sexism in the gaming industry is. How girls that play video games are being called attention whores (because why in the world would a girl want to play video games?), how all the female characters are dressed in some truly revealing clothes, how they all seem to be saved all the time, or if they are the hero in the game they often seem vain or in some cases just act on their looks, most of you also know about the Twitter trend #1reasonwhy that females in the game industry shared who they are being treated and things they have had people say to them. (You can check out the tag, I think it’s a really good one).

For some reason I’ve thought that this was starting to get better, I know most female characters are still dressed in ridiculously little clothes. I actually read it as late as today in a Swedish magazine that Sweden’s biggest convention for board games has tried to get more female players to join. They invited Iris which is a nerdfeminism group, they think that we need more feminism in the nerd-world in general, and I agree.

The thing that triggered me to write this post was that I was just going to start playing the online game Dragon’s Prophet, and while making my character I saw this :Image


I just felt like slamming me head real hard into my desk when I saw this. I mean what the fuck? Seriously? This pisses me off so much, I mean not only are women being portrayed as sexual objects in media and advertisement, but also in the game when she’s supposed to be the hero. Not only are all the different characters you can chose quite naked, but you can also chose if you want her to have humongous breasts, you can chose the angle as well? How much wank-materials must men have? Or don’t they even care about that sort of things? Then why on earth do they all look like this? It’s a programmed character made up out of pixels and her breasts are nothing like looking at normal breasts, so why should people even care about that?




2 thoughts on “Sexism in games”

    1. I got so surprised when I saw that, felt so uncomfortable. I just imagined when I started the game and I would see other player who had maxed out their characters breasts. ALSO since I saw this I thought I should be a bit of a rebel and make my character with a flat chest. So I pulled it down to -100 and she still had boobs, not very big but atleast a b cup. I got really pissed.
      Omg, haven’t you seen the app stores? They got cooking, make up, dress up, PLASTIC SURGERY FOR KIDS…

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