Just bought – Steam “spending” spree

talismanprologueLast week I realised that there was a digital version of my childhood favourite board game: The Talisman. Me and my younger brother used to spend so much time playing this game when we were younger. I haven’t really
played any other board game like this, so I always thought it was amazing. Anyway, so they’re selling these digital versions of The Talisman on Steam, called Talisman: Prologe and Talisman: Digital Edition. I bought the Prologue one because it was a bit cheaper, turned out is a 1 player game only. Even though I enjoy this game with all the nostalgia and so on, it gets a bit boring when it’s always your turn and there is no competition, though there are different quests to each champion, so I guess it could be fun to finish all of those. I am considering buying the Digital Edition to since it is 1-4 players, but it’ll have to wait for a bit.

Two days after a noticed a sale on Steam which caught my eye. It was a Daedalic sale and I recognised a game I’ve seen in the game store and thought about buying. So it ended with me buying three point-and-click-games. I felt it would be nice with something that is a bit more casual than the recent games I’ve been playing. I bought The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, The Night of the Rabbit, and Deponia. The first one was the one I wanted before, and the other two was just too tempting to not buy. I’ve only had the time to play some of The Dark Eye so far, and I do really enjoy it. It’s absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, with amazing sceneries, and powerful cut scenes.  I have to admit at some times I’ve been completely stuck and had to turn to the Internet to help me get through some challenges. I’m really looking forward to playing the other two games as well, and I’ll have some time off this week due to Easter so I might just have time to do that!

And last game out, which I bought as late as tonight: Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest. YES, I am a huge Adventure Time geek, and when this game was just sitting there on the Featured page I had to buy it. I’ve only tried it out a little but I like it. I had only really gotten good reviews so I’m looking forward to spend some more time in the magical land of Ooo. There seems to be a lot of cool characters from the series in the game, and you’ll get to play as Fiona and Cake, which is pretty cool!

So I bought all these games during 4 days and I spent only 24.75€. Not too bad I would say.


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