Just bought – New books

They had a huge kindle sale with over 500 books for up to 80% off. So I scrolled through the long list of romantic YA and books about Christianity.
I decided to buy two books, for 0.99$ each. I’m really excited about finishing Hollow Earth and starting reading one of these!

First book was The Fittest by J.T. McIntosh

The Fittest by J.T. McIntosh

Goodread synopsis:

  The threat to civilization was so incredible, no one recognized it.

  It started with a simple experiment: heighten animal intelligence. When a few of the specimens escaped from their cages, people were amused by the strange creatures.

  But then they started breeding. And new generations combined sharpened intelligence with a natural hatred of mankind.

  And one man knows too much for his own safety.

The second book was The Art of Drowning by Frences Fyfield


The Art of Drowning by Frances Fyfield

Amazon synopsis:

A loner. A liar. A secret.

Let the games begin.

Accountant Rachel Doe leads a sheltered, beige-colored life… Until she meets Ivy, who is everything Rachel isn’t.

Ivy is a wild child. She is charismatic and seductive, a charmer with tragedy in her past. The two women begin an intense and unexpected friendship.

But, as the intimacy between them escalates, Rachel is drawn deeper into the darkness that surrounds Ivy—and the secrets that hide there.

In the bestselling tradition of Gone Girl and Reconstructing Amelia, this riveting psychological thriller.


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