Just Watched – Man of Steel

Went to the cinema last night with my mother, and I thought this could be a fun way to get the blog back to life a bit.

First of some general thoughts about Superman as a character. I have never been that fond of him just because he has always seemed too perfect, he’s too strong and always too morally correct. I can’t say that I have read too many Superman comics or anything, mostly watched Smallville and Lois & Clark, but I haven’t had that much interest in him since he has seemed a bit boring to me. (So if there are any comics nerds reading this, please feel free to recommend series to me!) But in this movie, you got to see a bit of a different side of Clark, Kal-El. As he grows up he gets bullied and he has trouble controlling himself and his anger, he wants to hit back and he has to force himself not to do so. His father is pretty cool in that way too. He tells Clark that the world is not ready for him yet and therefore he can’t show anyone his powers. His father keeps saying that Clark has to chose what kind of a man he wants to be, if he wants to be good or bad, and that he’s going to change the world either way. I love the fact that he never tells Clark to chose the good side, he just teaches him morals and huminity, and then letting Clark decide for himself. (which I think works better than trying to actually force the goodness on him.)

An other aspect I liked about this movie is that it feels more like scifi, and concentrates more on the fact that Clark/Kal-El is an alien rather than just a perfect superhero. Again I’m not that familiar with the comics so I don’t know how they approach this, but the view I got of Superman is more like old school superhero.

The cast was amazing, Henry Cavill was splendid as the Man of Steel. He is typically handsome (as you can see above he’s hunky with and without the beard), but he managed to get the different levels of Clark as well as Superman. He was excellent and really inspiring. Next great actor was Russell Crowe in the role of Kal-El’s real father Jor-El. Great kickass, loving father who’s a great inventor and super smart. The scene where he guides Lois around the ship is one of my favourites. And last but absolutely not least, Antje Traue in the roles as Faora. Damn that girl! Though Michael Shannon made a good Zod, the villain who really caught my interest was Faora. She had that typical female villain heartlessness and coldness, a total lack of empathy. An ice cold murderer with kickass fighting skills. The fact that she’s hot and have an amazing voice doesn’t make it any worse.

There’s a bit of an upcoming trend in these Action/Superhero/Scifi movies that females have high ranks in the military but also big parts in the movies. In my opinion this is something that is becoming more frequent, which is positive! Another thing I keep thinking about while watching action movies, is how much do they actually destroy (like if it were for real) and how much must it had cost? Has anyone done a study on the exact amount of cars and the combined area of walls that has to be smashed in order to do a good action movie? It surely looks like they all have some kind of “standard” to go after. Also, when 3D movies started picking up popularity, I thought that it was kind of unnecessary, but they have all matured a bit. The creators have learned how to control it better and use it to an advantage in making the movie more living.

Last thing! I would love to et some tips on good Superman comics! I’m mostly reading more modern comics, but any tips is appreciated! I’ve mostly read Marvel comics, and only a few Batman and some Watchmen, so give me all your tips.


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