App – Comixology

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I started getting a real interest for comics and graphic novel last summer.

This has kind of come back in a very intense forme, especially since I fixed so I could access the Kindle app store. I got this app called Comixology, which is awesome and VERY pretty. From this app you can read, download and buy comics from a lot of different publishers. It’s not only a app, but they have a website and if you buy an issue on the website you can then download it to you Kindle to have it on the go! They have new free comics every week or so (not really sure, can’t remember), and you can buy both old, retro comics and the newest releases.

I’m not sure if anyone who reads this blog is interested in comics, but this will keep me busy for a while. I’m gonna have to set up some rules though, like how many issues I can buy each month (since they’re really cheep, but to many cheep will end up quite expensive!).

Anyway, it’s great and all of you who are interested should check it out. They have apps for Kindle Fire, Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows 8. If you have neither of those devices, just check the website out, it’s great! Here’s a link


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