Swedish I – Bad words used for good

I’ve been planing on starting this series of explaining Swedish words and phrases. It might just be this one time or I might do it a lot, depends on if anyone likes them and if I can come up with something good. I was thinking about explaining weird, funny, unusual or just words that don’t have any English counterpart (Feel free to comment if you think I should continue with this).

I going to start out with how bad words are used to intensify positive things.

First word is grym/grymt (adjective). If a person is described as grym, it means cruel. An cruel act can also be grym. Of the words I’m going to list, this has lost most of it’s meaning. People put it infront of a positiv word like bra (good), gott (tasty), roligt (funny) in this way it intensify the later adjective. In the same manner it can be put on bad words, though it’s more frequent alongside good.

Skit (shit), in the English speaking world you can say “It’s the shit” about something good, this is kinda the same but it works the same way as grym where you put it infront of an other adjective. A thing that’s weird is that we use terms like skitgott (shit tasty), and we don’t really think about that meaning anymore. Skit is still used as a curse, very usually shouted as a sign of frustration (like when missing the buss or train). But it can also be a verb, skita, the act of doing number two (on the toilet if you know what I mean). In the same manner you can say Jag skiter i dig (literally – I shit in you, meaning – I don’t give a shit about you), the difference between English and Swedish is that in Swedish it’s used as a verb while in English it’s a noun.

This is a fun one, fitta. The female genitalia, but a very rough/crude word (like twat or cunt). If a person is called a fitta s/he is a awful person, like really mean, annoying, stupid or just grym 😉 This word is used for describing the female genitalia, as I said, but it’s mostly when a guy screams down the street “show me your pussy” kind of thing. Girls use this in situations like “I fell on my bike and hit my cunt”. It’s not a word a lot of people chose to call their private parts (there is a lot of words for that in Swedish..) Anyway, this is also used as a curse, mostly because it sounds so raw, it’s like one of the worst swearwords.
Even though, people use it as describing something good. Like fittgott (cunt tasty) but it doesn’t sound as sexual in Swedish, though it’s funny when I say it and people around me are like “Oh yeah, so this is what pussy taste like?” or “Is this as good as pussy?” hahah… But yes, it’s used in the same way as grym, for both good and bad words.





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