Frustrated about not living in the US

So, this is going to be a whiny post.

As you may or may not know I live in Sweden, yay great all lot of you think, but not always! For my nineteenth birthday my mum bought me a Kindle Fire HD, and I was super excited (still love it). She ordered it from a Swedish webshop, but that same shop don’t have any things for my Kindle. I’ really need a case/cover for it since I have it with me in my bag all the time!

So when had sales on just one of the covers I wanted I decided that I would get it. But when I checked out the site said “Sorry we don’t ship that item to your country”. I was so frustrated! I went to the brand’s home page and they had some resellers listed on their site, most of them were either in England or in the US, but they did list AMAZON.COM AS THEIR INTERNATIONAL RESELLER! Gosh!

Another time I was looking at other things and they didn’t ship those to Sweden either. The last drop was when they had a sale on a Nintendo DS game I wanted (which they don’t sell in a lot of places) and I could’t fucking get it! The British amazon only sell to people within the UK, but the American is listed as international but they don’t ship a lot! Fucking hate living in a country like this, all of us smaller European countries are always overlooked (and Sweden isn’t even that small, so imagine how it’s like for the real small Balkan countries!)


2 thoughts on “Frustrated about not living in the US”

  1. Don’t wish to live there, wish for them to learn what the word International means. -.- How do you think we feel? It’s like we’re Narnia over here (funnily enough they shot a bit of Prince Caspian here ^^). Sucks.

    1. Hahah, yeah it feels like it shouldn’t be so hard for them to get their shit together. Yes, Sweden does have some “status” in the world so I can imagine that everything sucks for you :/
      Wow, I didn’t know that! What part? 😀

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