Veronica Mars – The Movie

Okay, all Veronica Mars fans went crazy yesterday. Posts exploding on Tumblr and Twitter were thick with VMars love. Why? Because the decided to do a Veronica Mars movie! But they needed our help to fund it. In 30 days they needed to raise 2 mil dollars, but we fans made it in less than 12 hours! Everyone thought this fandom was dead, but we proved them otherwise!

They are going to start filming this summer and the movie will be released in the first quarter of 2014. And I have to say that I am beyond excited (I’m restraining myself with all my will power to not freak out in this post).

I donated to the kickstarter project, I think it sucks that the reward can only be sent to the US (I really wanted a limited only donaters shirt. But they don’t send them internationally). It felt good to donate anyway, I will get a PDF of the shooting script which is kinda cool. And later when I’m watching that movie I’m gonna think “I help funded that, even just a bit but I’m still part of it.”.

So if we have any fans out there, check this page and pledge your donation. The extra money will go to make the film better, (car chases, nudity and filming in space as the video tells us. See below), so even if you haven’t donated yet, you could still atribute to the project! Here’s the kickstarter page, and here below is an amazing sketch they made. I feel all warm and fuzzy when I watch it, and the first time a tear actually fell down my face.


2 thoughts on “Veronica Mars – The Movie”

    1. I especially loved Enrico! Haha “On flashpoint he plays the swat commander as Keith Mars playing the swat commander!”
      Hilarious, and yes I seriously can’t wait! Awesome that we won’t have to wait too long 🙂

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