Tattoos – The pros

I am one of those how long for the day my body will be covered in ink. (For now I only have a text on the inside of my underarm, but I have some more in store.) I think tattoos are a way of expressing yourself in a very personal way, and therefore it can’t be wrong.

People like my parents detest tattoos, and they’re always saying things like it ruins the natural beauty, and that I’ll look horrifying when I’m old and wrinkly. I don’t feel as if my body is fully developed, because it’s not how I like it to be (but it will be when I have the tattoos I want). And some ink can highly improve one’s looks and sexiness.
And why in the world would I worry about how it’ll look when I’m old? I get to be fabulous now, who cares when I’m old? I’m going to be ugly anyway!

Another argument I heard from people with ink is that tattoos are the only thing you bring to your grave, which I think sounds beautiful. A tattoo can be a memory of a loved one and by that you can sort of always be with them, even when you’re dead.

My last thought I actually came to think of just last week. Have you ever seen any crime shows? Like CSI? They can always recognise a corpse by their tattoos. Maybe this is my paranoia talking, but if something would happen to me and they wouldn’t be able to ID me by my face, I think it’s almost as a garantie with some ink on your skin. I feel as though my family will always know what happened to me. I won’t just be another Jane Doe, they could tell who I am. And I think that is a nice thought and quite reassuring.


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