Started Reading – (Swe) Himmel och Helvete – Mord i Knutby

For our Swedish class we had to pick a biography to read. So me and my friend Emmy went to the school’s library to find a book that would interest us. I was planing on reading something about some author, like Poe, Carroll, Shakespeare  but they didn’t really have anything like that. But then I found this book, “Himmel och Helvete – Mord in Knutby” (“Heaven and 9789137140056_200Hell – Murder in Knutby”). In 2004 (January 10th, my 10th birthday), in a really small village a young woman cold-bloodily killed the pastor’s wife and tried to kill one of her close friends. This is called the most peculiar tale in Swedish crime history. It turned out that this young woman had been more or less brainwashed by the priest, to make her commit this horrible crime. When the police and media dugg deeper into this little, super-religious village they found things they didn’t thought excited  in Swedish religions. Cult-experts have scrutinised this case since then, and people started to question the state of religion in Sweden.

The book is written by Terese Cristiansson, a journalist from one of Sweden’s biggest newspaper, she is also the one journalist who got invited to be part of the Christian group in Knutby.

This book seems interesting and I’m actually inspired to read it. I have another book about cults and all, and this crime (and the cult) is mentioned in that too, so I’ll read that chapter later as well.


2 thoughts on “Started Reading – (Swe) Himmel och Helvete – Mord i Knutby”

    1. I’ve read like 40 pages and I hate all of them! The whole village has a messed up vision of God and everything is just…
      Gaah it makes me so frustrated!

      But yes, it’s super interesting!

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