Let’s rule a country

So today we had a interesting Social Studies lesson. Usually we have class from 13:20 – 14:30. But today we had a role play simulation thingy, so the lesson was from 12:30 till 16:00. So non of us were excited about going to this thing. Though it turned out to be pretty good!

The game, “Minister för en dag” (Minister for a day, the political ministers not the religious ones), there is a English counterpart named “Let’s rule a country”, and that’s pretty much what’s about. We were divided into 5 groups and each group got a country, we were going to be that country’s government. They were all fictional countries and had varies problems. In the game you have to plan the country’s budget, make goals for your country’s development and make connections to the other countries. For example, our country Amaso had a huge military, but a very corrupt government with a lot of injustice, a lot of environment issues, and also discrimination of the minorities (they didn’t have the right to vote and so on). We did have oil, but we needed to make a deal with one of the other countries to get access to the sea so we could transport it (Amaso don’t have any coasts). So it was a really interesting assignment, we had to make a deal with the poorest country, try to work up our government and produce more food so we were self providing. And our team did quite a good job, in the end we had equality for all people, we exported both oil and other supplies and we had a strong bond with our neighbour.

Wow, I did get a bit off topic there. Anyway it was a awesome game and here’s a link to their official site (there is more info in Swedish, but I suspect that not many of my reads understand Swedish. I could give you the link though if you want to try and translate it with google or something like that -> X ).

I didn’t really explain how the game itself works, but if anyone is interested just leave a comment and I’ll try explain it. Don’t be frightened kids, I’m not as evil as you might think, just ask!


2 thoughts on “Let’s rule a country”

  1. We have such simulations with real countries and their current real problems in classes. I haven’t had one but some people had in selectives. I may get one in the next few months. Sounds interesting but ours is serious and results in a pretty important grade so I’m not all that excited. I hate group work.

    1. That would be cool too, working with real countries and real problems! But yes, I understand your concern!
      Luckily for me, I got a pretty good group and I was the most interested so I did almost everything c:

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