Cozy Saturday

We didn’t have any lessons this Friday, so I asked Moa if she could look after the rats this weekend so I could go to my mum’s Thursday-Sunday. But my brother had decided to go to dad’s this weekend (though I had some time to spend with him on thursday and friday), so now it’s only me, my mum and my youngest brother here.

Today, they left me home alone cause they were going with some friends of theirs to a adventure-bath-house (I have no idea what the real name for these are in English, but they have a lot of water slides and such..).
Sorry forgot an important part of the story. In my mum’s town they have this amazing café, and every Saturday they have afternoon tea buffé. So for 100sek (around £10) you’ll get as much tea/coffee/water/juice, scones, smörgårdstårta (sandwich cake?), cheese, jam, brie, cream cheese, crackers as you want. But that’s just the “foody”part! They also have brownies, cinema buns, cakes, cookies and they varies some for each time.

So, back to the story. I really wanted to go, and since my mum and brother were going away I though that I should go by myself and bring my Kindle and my new headphones to get some reading done. Can you imagine sitting at a cozy café  reading some beautiful Steampunk book and listening to classical music, with just a meter to the enormous table of goodies. You know you’re jealous! I was there from half past 11 to 2, and I guess the people thought I was interesting since a lot of them look at me. That might also be because tablets aren’t that usual around here.

I also realised an awesome feature on my Kindle. If you buy a book from the Kindle store, you could add around 14$ you get it narrated and the text will highlight live while the narrater reads (kinda like karaoke). But I realised that when I’m reading a book I can change some setting, like font, text size and colour. But I can also turn on “text to speech”, which reads the page aloud and automatically turns the pages. This turned out to be a great feature! It really help me concentrate on the reading and I wont be disturbed as easily. Now I can hear and read the text at the same time and it makes me read with a better pace, which is great. Now hopefully it will be easier for e to read (since I’m lazy as hell and have the concentration span of a goldfish).


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