Kindle Fire HD

I realised that I haven’t written here in a while, the weird thing is that I have had tons of ideas for post. I guess I just never got around to it..

Anyway, in my last post I told you guys that I turned 19 (yaay), but I wrote the post before I got my present from mum. And I just thought that this is a great thing to share on my blog!
Are you all excited to hear what it is? Nah, I guessed you wouldn’t.

But I got an AMAZON KINDLE FIRE HD! How great is that? I was just so chocked when I got it, since I thought there was no way that she would buy me something that expensive (2300sek, around £230, and €260-270. So it’s totally worth it). I was planing on saving up for it myself so I it was the best birthday gift ever.KT-slate-02-lg._V389394532_

This is how it looks like, and I actually LOVE the sight and design of this. Kindle is mostly a eReader, but the Fire HD is also perfect for films! It has a 1280×800 high definition LCD display, AND custom Dolby audio, dual-driver stereo speakers. Which make it kind of a surrond-sound. The touch is superfast and it has a reduced screen glare. It has a front faced, HD camera practically made for video chatting on Skype!

It has a dual core processor and 16GB storage (though you can store books and such for free in the cloud). It’s super fast for browsing the internet, and you could get live notification when you get an email (Hotmail ,Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, or other email-providers). A thing that I like about the Kindle is that if you buy a film or something, you can enjoy it on any of your devices, like PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox 360, Android phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, TiVo and even through your webbrowser. Apple usually just makes things work on their products, which by the way is cheap. (Like my mum rented a movie from iTunes on her phone and when we tried to watch it on the computer it didn’t work…).

There are some bad things about this tablet though, at least if you live outside the US. When I got it, I also got a month free Amazon Prime membership. Which means that I can stream around 25 000 films and tv shows directly to my Kindle without paying anything! And Instead of buying books I could use the “Kindle Owners’ Lending Library”, kinda like a real library. I could lend a book and read it, without any due dates and it wouldn’t cost me a thing.
But here is the backside, you can’t stream videos OR lend books if you’re outside of USA. I can’t even acces the videostore to buy movies. You can import movie files from you computer, but the Kindle only supports MP4G files, so you’re AVI files won’t work. My tip would be to get a converter of some kind, or just get the movies in MP4G format from the beginning!

Another thing is that you cannot download ANY apps whatsoever. A few apps come with the device (Skype, IMDB, Calender, OfficeSuit, mail-thingy, and the web browser Silk). This is really weird because when you’re setting up your device it asks for your Twitter and Facebook account. BUT you will not get any notification or anything unless you have the apps. (You could of course use their webpages, but that’s not the same, is it?) I actually found a way to get apps, though I can’t say it’s all legal. The Fire HD is an Android tablet, though it’s locked to the Kindle store and you can’t access Android apps. BUT I’m going to show you how. (You could root it and such, but you shouldn’t do that if you’re not sure of what you’re doing! I might break.)

First you need a file manger, I have ES File Explorer and it works great! So on your Kindle go to and download the ES File Explorer. Wait for it to finish and then you’ll get a notification on the top of your Kindle saying it’s ready. Click on the downloaded file to start the installation. Now, step two.

You could check tutorials like this one ->
Or I’ll just explain it simple and fast here.

(On your computer). You need to get APK-files (Android-apps), so just google “apk download or something” and try to find a good site with a lot of files. If you want a specific app, just google then name and apk download. Download the files to a place where you can easily find them and create a folder for all the apps. When you’re happy just plugin you Kindle. (For macs you’ll need a special program for connecting it to the computer, but it’ll show up once you plug it in). Open your Kindles folder on you computer. You’ll see movies-, books-, app-folders. Now just copy your downloaded app-folder to the Kindle, but do not put it in the app- folder!

Next, when it’s all done you can unplug the Kindle. (First you need to check your settings. If you drag down from the top you’ll see volume, brightness, wireless ect, click on “More…” And go to “Device”. You need to check “Yes” on the “Allow Installation of Applications” option.) Open the ES File Explorer and head to the folder you just copied to the tablet. You’ll see files there, and just double click on them to install!

I have done this and it works great for me, I have both Facebook and Twitter now (along with many other apps). Remember to be careful with what you download, there might be some viruses or similar things!

So even though it seemed hopeless at first, this tablet actually works really nice! It is my most precious possession, and I love it for being so advanced but still easy to use. It like a little computer, which works really well. But much easier to carry around, and turn on (since computers have a habit of being slow at start).


2 thoughts on “Kindle Fire HD”

  1. Great! I was thinking about this one so I would be able to read in bed and stuff but I’d only use mine for books and it seemed pointless to get such an expensive one just for that. LCD’s are useless in bright light… So I got a Kindle with e-Ink and a friend sent me a cover with a light in it so I have no glare on my screen and I can read late at night in bed as well. I love it ^^

    Hope you’ll enjoy yours 😀

    1. The e-Inks are fantastic! I do think they’re really cool, but I wanted more from my tablet, and the fact that it supports HD-movies was just too alluring 😉
      My brother bought a Galaxy Tab when we were in England, and that’s one of the reasons I wanted a more “real” tablet than just a e-reader. It’s like having a computer but in a smaller, easier and faster way c: I’m super satisfied with it!

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