Update (+Birthday)

I know I haven’t written much, mostly I haven’t had anything to talk about. Sometimes I have written half of a post and then planed on finish it later, but then realised the draft is gone! This happened when I wrote a review of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. I was watching the film really late, and I started writing the review in the same place as the reader and all that are (for those of you who have wordpress). And I saved it as a draft and double checked like a thousand times that it really said the post was saved. Then the next day when I was going to finish it, it wasn’t there. So from now on, I will not use that feature..

Anyway, it was my birthday yesterday! (The 10th, which is still like today because I haven’t gone to bed yet). Last weekend I was celebrated at my dad’s and he got me this super awesome food processor, but since I had so much stuff and were going home by train and bus I couldn’t bring it to my appartement. From my little brother I got this tshirt, which was really cool!

And today (the 10th so technically yesterday), Moa took me to dinner after school (which was her parents gift to me, meaning they paid) and after that we went to the cinema. We saw The Life of Pi, which I have wanted to see since I read an article about it and the creator said that he didn’t know how to do this movie before 3D. Which made me really want to see it in 3D, and it was even better than I thought! It was so stunningly beautiful (visually, but also very beautiful in a sentimental way). I really want to read the book now!
After that I got my presents from Moa, which was 2 DVDs ↓

As you can see it’s Marvel’s the Avengers and the first season of Sherlock (BBC). I’m going to get the second season too, but she was out of money I think. Great gifts, as I was planning on buying them myself!

I’m going home to mom’s tomorrow (today, friday) and I’m going to be celebrated one last time! Im quite excited because my mom has been babbling for a while about my gift, just to make me curious! Meany. But my two little brothers are going away for the weekend, so I’ll have mom and the apartment all to myself. Rave anyone?

I guess that’s it! I’m pretty tired now and I can feel how the writing quality is just sinking.. Over and out


4 thoughts on “Update (+Birthday)”

  1. Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed both of these; did you know Sherlock series 3 is due to start filming in a couple of months too?
    I love that there’s a baddie from Star Trek living with Bilbo Baggins… 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes I absolutely love them both. I know that they will start airing around Christmas, which feels like years away!
      Haha, yes or Bilbo and Smaug 😉

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