Unnamed Project

We had three weeks when we were supposed to do some kind of internship, but half of our class didn’t get any (including me) so we got to do a project of our own. I’m not really sure what the theme of my project is, and that’s why I named it “Unnamed Project”. Wow, cool.

Any way I used four different models, three males and one female (my girlfriend Moa). I shot everything in one evening, in about 2-3 hours. I wish I would have done some more shoots of all of them, though I’m quite happy with the result.

When I presented these pictures for my class I made a slideshow with music and all. I tried to upload it to youtube to show you all, because the photos get a whole different feeling. But Youtube banned the sound since it was Woodkid’s Iron and apparently it’s such a big deal to just use one song. (EDIT: Here is the song and video I got inspired by, please listen to the music while looking at these pictures. My ambition is to do something like this video in the future, it’s so inspirational)

Finally the pictures:



5 thoughts on “Unnamed Project”

    1. Thank you! Yeah, he looks really creepy.
      When I uploaded these pictures on Facebook, the guy with the white paint actually called me up and asked me to take them away. He said that he wasn’t that self-confident. Haha, and that’s the kind of guy who tells everyone about everything in his sexlife. But I did upload the pictures here and I’m hoping he won’t kill me 😉

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