What I’ll be when I grow up

So, I’m on my last year of high school, and I want to continue studying but I’m not sure what university to choose.
I like so many things but some of them are things I haven’t tried and I just think I like them, anyone recognise themselves?
It can’t just be me.. Okay here are some things (I think) I am interested in:
*Marine biology (A bit, I love octopuses and sharks and would like to study them for real)
*Studying Dinosaurs, but not in such a digging-fossil-boring way, more like behaviour and all that.
*Mythology and symbolism

Can you see my problem? I’m interested in a lot but I don’t know what I’m really interested in and what I would bee good at.

Feel free to comment and tell me all your thoughts about the subjects above or studying at all.



10 thoughts on “What I’ll be when I grow up”

  1. Ugh, I had the same problem. But the biggest one was we don’t even have classes for all of these. If it weren’t so expensive I’d love to study abroad. In the end I chose something at random and I kind of regretted it since. It’s not as fun as I thought it would be. Plus I know a lot of people who switched from sth to the other. It’s a bit late for me as I’m in my last year but if I had another chance I’d choose differently.

    I just wish I’d do more research. I checked year 1 syllabus and stuff and thought “That’s it” but it goes way deeper. Make sure you check all 4 (or less/more) years of college, usually they have classes online for display and stuff. Research your employment options (so you don’t end up like me with about 0). See, how many classes you’d enjoy, how many you would not. It’s pointless so study sth where you’d enjoy only 10 % of classes or so. See what kind of electives can you get, if any. Do pros and cons lists and such, it can help a lot.

    I managed to score some electives like Introduction to law – it helped me understand law a bit more and made me realize I’d be really stupid if I chose law in the first place as my career – I’d never finish it. But I gained some new smarts in the process. Things like that are important.
    Maybe your schools don’t switch between classes annually much but mine does so a 4-year research would not help me much but maybe it can help you.

    Seeing as you’re doing it for the long run, you need some serious digging. I wish I were this smart before I got into politics… :L

    1. I’m sorry that you feel you chose the wrong program, that must suck :/
      I’ve been doning that for months! Looking in to the subjects of the different programes and trying to figure out if I’m interested.
      The thing is that my feelings change everyday, like I was SUPER SURE that I would chose the physics/astronomy programe, but after a while I wanted something with history. The next days I remembered that I really like psychology. So that’s a big problem.

      But I will try to really pick out some of the ones I like the most and than do some pros and cons! That’s a good idea actually!

      1. I just like history and all that learning from old misstakes and teaching people to not repeat them. And old civilisations is super interesting! c:
        I’m not sure if I’m good at physics, I’m interested in it and I want to learn about it, but I haven’t had any physics since ninth grade (and that was VERY briefly). I have always been quite good at maths, but I’m not sure if I would be able to pass all the maths and physics :/

  2. I love Greeks and Egyptians but that’s it. I’d study them if I could, not entire history. I’m not a big fan.
    Physics in college is pretty advanced I’m afraid, you need some good background. Make a list of your strongest characteristics so you won’t struggle in school.
    I suck at physics and we got some last year. I still have to pass it. :L

    1. Yea, we all like different things 🙂
      I know, and that’s why I’m doubting my abilities to study at such an advanced level, but I love astronomy and I adore space! Not just like every hipster do, I really like it, and would love to work with it. I can go like a pre-year to read all the subjects I’m missing and then I will be garantied a spot on the Physics – Astronomy program.

      I should, though I don’t really know that myself 😦

  3. I’ve done extra courses for interest – some of the ones on your list, even! There’s some on-line ones that are run by universities which are free – might be worth having a look 🙂

  4. In the last couple of years I’ve done creative writing, an introduction to Anglo Saxon literature and language, an archaeology/history course on ritual and religion, and Greek myth. A bit of a mix, but all really interesting!

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