Obama Pride: LGBT

I follow Barack Obama at Twitter, and earlier he tweeted a link to this video. It’s such a beautiful video, and those amazing people make you all warm and fuzzy. When I think of what Obama is doing for people like us I just.. You know, it’s hard to understand that this should really be an issue, but he’s so strong for standing up for this. And I believe that we all will be grateful and loyal to him. I do wish I were an American just so I could vote for him. When I saw this video I cried. Quite a lot. But it was because of joy and because I was so moved by it. If Obama loses this election, I will cry but because of sadness. Romney is a terrible threat to especially women, gays, the middle class. The fact that he wants to eliminate abortion and birth control is just sick.

I can not understand why anybody would vote for someone who discriminates groups of people. So you’re against gays are you? Because you think it’s icky? What if we started treating black people the same why? Saying that “Black people getting married is a threat to all family values” or “Being black is a sickness, which can be cured”. Everyone would have understood that it would have been racist, so how can we treat gays that way?


4 thoughts on “Obama Pride: LGBT”

    1. Yes, they’re all wonderful. I wish that the whole world could just shut USA out if Mitt Romney wins. Like Everyone should just cut the friendship-bonds and everything!

      1. Probably… I can’t understand them, the WHOLE WORLD is begging them to choose Obama and not Romney and those fucktards are still pretty much 50-50. -.- No wonder Sheldon weeps for humanity. I do too.

  1. Agree, it’s insane over there! Don’t they understand that they will go back like 50 years? This will only hurt them and the rest of the world, nothing good will come out of it… And yes, the rest of the world is begging them to choose Obama, so when will they pull their heads out of their asses?

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