I do not call myself a feminist, mostly because the word have kind of a bad meaning (not sure if this is just in Sweden or international). But I guess that I am a feminist, I do believe that everyone should get the same salary disregarding of sex. I do believe that women should be bigger in politics and I believe in the female capacity. I hate al of those sexist bastards and I think that me being gay have made me more feminist. Example, if I’m at a club and someone touch my butt (or some other “sexual” part of me) I would just turn around and punch him in the face. No one can just claim that right without asking. The thing I hate the most is that men says things like “A gay guy just hit on me, I knocked him out”. What the actual fuck? Straight men hit on me a lot when I’m out, IT’S THE SAME THING! Like this summer when me and my girlfriend were in England for my brothers wedding. We went out with the bride and some of her friends for a hen night and some guys started hitting on both me and my girlfriend. Being a Swede is not always a good thing, guys go crazy.. Anyway, after a while I told them that we weren’t interested because we were lesbians. I told them that we were a couple and that we had been together for over one and a half year. Do you know how they reacted? They started screaming, getting even more excited, asking us how we had sex, if we used any toys and so on.
I do dread this EVERY time I go out, because as soon as a guy hears you’re a lesbian they try so much harder to get you. They’re trying to convince you that guys a better and so on. I fucking hate this, it shouldn’t be like this. At all.

Oh my, this wasn’t really the point of this post.. The things stated above, I do not see them as feminist thinking or any of that kind. I think that is just normal, how every fucking person should feel. That’s why I do not call myself a feminist because all those things that feminism stands for is for me just human rights.

The point of this post was actually that even though I don’t call myself a feminist, my girlfriend does. Or well not really like that, but she’s always like “Pisa you’re such a feminist” etc.

BUT today I was eating dinner at a fastfood restaurant with my mother and my two little brothers and we were talking some about Mitt Romney, gay rights and all that stuff. And I mentioned this (that I do not call myself a feminist) and she said “Oh, you’re SO not a feminist, rather the opposite”. I was just like “………WHAT? Why?” Do you know what she answered me? “Well, first of all you’re kind of a oppressor of women.” I thought this was hilarious because it is kind of true, well not really. I am gay, meaning I prefer women over men in relationships and sex. Though I have a tendency to be quite mean to the female “race” (NOTICE THE ” ). But I still think women are superior!


7 thoughts on “Feminism”

  1. Guys treat you like that? Geezus, that’s sick. I hate when they slobber around trying to hit on you while they can barely stand but that’s nothing compared to what you described. Jerks.

    Feminism is a word that’s being thrown around these days like an insult or a generalization for any woman that dares to say she can also drive a truck if she wants to or demands the same pay as a guy. It pisses me off to no end because even though I myself am not a feminist (those bitches are crazy), I support person’s right to choose whatever they want to do, and if it’s the same job as a man, the pay should be the same because that’s the money you get for a JOB, not SEX. -.-
    I will never disagree that women are not fit for certain things – of course we aren’t. We’re weaker than man and have differently wired brain, but that does not mean we should be treated badly for it. We do not take it out on men because they are unable to get pregnant so I don’t see why this should go the other way.
    It’s all got to do with religion and it’s patriarchal system. Before that Greek and Roman women were man’s equals.

    Gosh we have serious debates here. 😀

    1. First of all, I think it’s fantastic that you started reading and commenting this blog. It’s so much more interesting now, and you inspire me a lot!

      About men, yes that is true. They don’t even have to be drunk or be at the club. Once my girlfriend was traveling by bus (she was going from Sundsvall to Härnösand to visit me one weekend). And this guy sat beside her, and at first he was really nice and polite. But then he started asking if she had a boyfriend and when she said she didn’t he asked why. When she then told him that she had a girlfriend all hell broke loose! SERIOUSLY! He started asking how many fingers we used when having sex, if she had ever tried being with a man, if she had ever tried a huge Jamaican cock (he was from Jamaica, and he did use THOSE words). Then he started saying that he was so good at giving women oralsex, and said that after she tried him she would never want to be with a girl again. He even said that he could go down on her right there on the bus!
      This is quite an extreme case, but people (jerks) usually reacts this when when they find out if I’m a lesbian. It fucking insane. I hate being treated that why, and as I said in the post: I’m afraid that this will happen if I go out or so.

      (Got carried away AGAIN) But yes, women and men are different but that doesn’t mean that they are superior. Hate all of that shit, I just think that everyone should be treated the same why disregarding sex, race, orientation and so on.

      1. Man, that’s terrible. I’d start carrying a knife or something, that’s really sick. :X I never knew shit can get this bad. I knew boys and men being teased for being gay, but I never imagined what it must be like for women. That’s why I gave up on humans forever ago.

        You’d think Hitler’s super race would get people thinking but no. If there’s one thing I’m sure about is that history taught us NOTHING and the stupidest something is, the more people take it as a fact, that’s why religion is still around (but almost dying out in a few countries, I read about it some time ago).

  2. Hahah, in fact I might. Men have this really sick obsession with lesbians, they always want to three ways and such…

    I love History as a school subject but everyone my age is like “Why should we read about things that already happened? We can’t change them” so on. And I’m like “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? We’re studying history to learn from their misstakes so we can evolve. STUPID”. I do think that history keeps fucking repeat itself and not a single fuck are given by the people. It’s like they don’t care if we’re destroying the whole mankind! Fuck I hate the world…
    And yes, I read about that to. The countries were religion is about to die.

    1. I bugs me that so many people are (mostly men) are OK with lesbians but they are grossed out by gays and how bad that is and all that crap.Hypocrites. -.-

      Really? I hated history but I still managed to grasp what was important and what things were so terrible we should never let them repeat… I was more fond of languages, still am. 🙂

      And yes, we will destroy ourselves. A meteorite or whatever would actually be welcome, knocking some sense into people.

      1. Yeah, I actually saw a Tumblr post about that not long ago. I think I reblogged it too. It said that most men loves lesbians but hate gay guys. And that women have a tendency to think gay guys are cute but think lesbians are disgusting. These people are the worsts homophobes…

        I’m not that interested in languages, well yes I am! I do want to learn a lot of languages like Latin, French, Keltic and Swahili. I’ve only studied Swedish, English and Spanish. I was quite good at Spanish but I never really committed.. (I do LOVE English though 🙂 )

        Haha, yes that would have been great. Or if some smart ass aliens got here to teach us some important things!

  3. Yeah but it’s not just that, it’s the porn thing as well. Pointless to talk about it, douchebags will be douchebags…

    I love languages. I studied English, German, French and Spanish, I also wanted to learn Italian but there wasn’t enough people. I wanna try Russian as well. I only speak English well, though, but I kept all my books so I’ll learn other languages myself if I ever have the time.

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