Home from the Opera

Earlier tonight I was at the theater (the the movie theater, for you americans) with my father. As I said in my earlier post they had a screening of the recorded 25th anniversary performance of The Phantom of the Opera. Most people thinks it sounds weird to go to a theater to watch a movie of a play. BUT I have to say it was extraordinary! Everything was so wonderful and I was enchanted the entire time.

I’m going to write a longer text tomorrow of the actors performance and such. Kinda like a review, but not as serious or as well written. Now I’m laying in my bed and I’m going to watch a DVD before I fall asleep. I would watch the 2004 Phantom if I had it here, but it’s at my mum’s. Soo, I’m going to watch the 2009 Star Trek instead. Still great though.

Also, Pund and Hugin (my girlfriends rats, who live with me since her mother is allergic) are running around in my bed and digging in the covers. Super cozy<3


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