Phantom of the Opera

My dad bought two tickets to the screening of the 25th anniversary performance of the Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall, London. No it’s not the real one, but we’ve had some live streamings of operas, musicals and plays from London and New York and so on. Last year my dad told me that we just missed one of those live streamings of Phantom of the Opera. I was a bit fed up because I have loved this movie since I was just a little kid (the 2004 edition with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum). We had this old LP disk of the original Andrew Lloyd Webber cast, and we all loved it. My big brother played it all the time, and the whole family use to sing it together. (Let me remind you that I’m only 18, so it wasn’t quite normal to listen to LPs).

Anyway, my dad texted me some weeks ago and told me that he had bought two tickets to this streaming they were going to have in our town. And I was just ecstatic. IT’S TOMORROW AND I’M SO EXCITED.

We did realize later that it wasn’t going to be live as it were before, but recorded from the 25th anniversary from 2011 instead. Still amazing!

For those of you who have Spotify I have a list of both the original cast and the 2004 movie cast. Here it is: Best movie EVER (Childhood memories)

And if anyone is interested in knowing about the cast or anything, you can look on this IMDB page:


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