Being an european

Yesterday in social studies, our teacher mentioned that the schools are trying to shape us into a “typical Swede”.
With this he meant an open-minded, non fascistic person. The schools and the society has tried to make us all feel like we’re Swedes, like we belong and feel that THIS is our country.

And then he said something I didn’t know. He said that the EU wants us to feel that way about Europe as well.
That Europe has a national day and a national anthem. I didn’t know all of this, but I’ve seen the name “Euroland” but never really thought about it. But apparently they want us all to be a huge “country”. It’s quite cool, even though I don’t want our currency to change to Euro.

An other thing, the anthem is WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART’S “ODE TO JOY”.
HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Sorry.. I’m just a bit overexcited. (Anyway, here is a video of the anthem with all the countries and so on)


14 thoughts on “Being an european”

  1. Ode to Joy is flippin’ amazing but that’s pretty much all there is to Europe. Slovenia wishes we’d never gotten ourselves into this mess, € is just the biggest fuck up ever and as for the Euroland – no, thanks. I like the way we are now. Each country for themselves, because we differ too much to become as one, and we should not, we should care about our sovereignty and individualism and above all, our culture that got us this far. Slovenia may be small but we are rich culture-wise and seeing how it’s all melting away and becoming replaced with commercial crap is really sad.
    I wish we’d get along though, there’s not enough integration when it comes to peace talks and stuff, but that does not mean we should get all buddy buddy and become one. We should just tolerate each other and let each other alone.
    Well, that’s just my opinion but seeing as how all is slowly turning in the other direction, away from ‘Europe is so awesome’ bullshit is a big shoutout to these kind of ideas.
    I wish I’d live in Sweden though, it’s far more evolved than any other European country. We should all take notes but NOT try to become one. 😉

    1. That’s some really interesting stuff, I’m glad that you spoke your mind!
      I totally agree that we shouldn’t be just one country, history shows that those kind of “countries” don’t survive that good. (Sojvet, Sweden use to own a big part of Scandinavia too, and all that with the south east and the Balkan countries). WOW that’s a weird sentence and all, hopefully you’ll get my point.
      When I reread this post I realized that it sounded like I really want Europe to be just one nation, but that is not at all what I believe in. I do quite like the EU, but I think Sweden isn’t really as committed as other countries. We haven’t changed our currency and all of that, and I think that is the reason for me to “like” EU more than you. SHIT, I’m really weird today.
      I do think that we should all get along and kinda have each others backs and all, but yeah, nothing good is gonna come out of Europe being a nation.

      And then Sweden. I guess we’re kind of evolved, we have quite good equality and all. We’re democratic as well. But I think that we have way too much racism and all that shit here. We even have a fucking NAZI party in our government, and it’s fucking insane! They pretty much blame all problems in Sweden on muslims, and they have also made a “statistic” that say all of Sweden is going to be muslim in 50 years. I hate that.
      But we do have equality for homosexuals, even though it’s more expensive for lesbians to inseminate than it is for straight people. But the mom who’s not the biological mother can still be the parent on the paper, and no dad is needed. But for gay men it’s opposite, then they always need a mom (on the paper that is). I think this is unfair..
      And in Sweden transsexual are forced sterilised before they can begin their treatment.

      SORRY got a bit carried away…

  2. That is all true, I absolutely agree. And yes, I understood it all 🙂
    I think you did the right thing not accepting € because look at all the crap around it. -.- I wish we kept Tolars…
    Well, no matter the Nazi party (despite being fucking weird) and all that you’re still decades before us. We had a referendum about gay families and such and the Church started explaining how being gay and having a family is like incest so … Middle ages. -.- We have so many people that are being denied basic human rights and necessities it’s horrible. We’re supposed to be 21st century democracy but we’re far from that…
    But yes, we are better than America so that’s something 😀

    1. Yeah, I have to agree that Sweden is quite good (even though I want to move). And you’re totally right about the €. They have tried a few times to change our currency, but never succeeded.
      I read a bit about Slovenia today and I read that in 2002 57,8% were roman catholic, and in Sweden between 45-85% are atheist. Something like that. Religion isn’t really a big deal anymore in Sweden, though a lot of people believe in spirits or forces.
      It really sucks that it’s so bad in Slovenia :/

      1. Since the referendum about gay families a lot and I mean A LOT of people asked to be removed from Catholic church (their records about their christening and sacraments and all that crap) because of all the shit the Church is doing.
        I hope I get to move soon because this is getting ridiculous. We have presidential elections 0n 11. 11. and hopefully we will get rid of the politicians soon as well. We can’t afford to put gas in our cars and kids had their warm meals taken away in schools… It’s crazy.

  3. That’s so weird, though it’s a good thing that the people don’t want to be a part of that. In Sweden our biggest church is called… Uhm “Svenska Kyrkan” meaning “The Swedish Church” (sounds less weird in Swedish). Anyway, they are like the oposite of the Catholic Church and very open minded. Gays can even get married in Church in Sweden, and in my home town (which is an importent church) we have a really butchy, dike priest. She wears cool baggy clothes and have a shaved head, and she’s married to deacons in the same church.
    I think that is amazing, like really cool!

    Hopefully you’ll get better politicians, otherwise you can always come to Sweden or move to the amazing UK! Are you serious about the school food? Like for real?

    1. I’m glad things are finally moving. It’s a painfully slow progress but we just might get out of this shit alive. At least I hope so.
      That ‘church’ sounds great. We have the regular Catholic one and even a few others as minorities but that’s it. We have been battling about getting a mosque for years and we are probably nowhere near having one.
      Our politicians are just trying to fuck up one another like some immature kids instead of banding together and saving this hell hole.
      And yes, I’m serious about the food. I think they still have regular snack, like sandwiches, but I’m not sure anymore. So many things changed lately. They took money from pensioners, food from kids… We got very cheap buses and trains for school now but at a huge expense on others so… My brother is luckily in his final year of high school so he will survive these few more months but others aren’t as lucky.

      1. Even though I don’t really like Christianity I do like the Swedish church, cause they are so open minded and I do think they help a lot of people. We have around 17 mosques in Sweden or something. Like REAL mosques, and then there is a lot of underground things. But it is a HUGE debate here, because the “regular Swede” is a bit of Islamophobic, and there are always people protesting building them. I just think it’s the right thing to do, having mosques that is. Since a lot of our tax money goes to the church, they could just go to the mosques too.

        That is terrible, hopefully things will work out for all of you! And all that shit about the schools, thats fucking insane! In Sweden we have free school from preschool to high school. In high school we actually get paid! We have free food every lunch (and the schools are forced to have vegetarian, pork-free food and even vegan food as a alternative). University is the first school we pay for. And then it’s still cheaper than most other countries, we do not need to pay a fee. We need to buy all the books, and then most people take a study loan (which is like a salary used for paying rent and food an so on). And it’s this loan which is expensive later in life. It’s over hundreds thousands in Swedish Krona. 30 000€ is quite normal. But this you have like your whole life to pay back or something like that

  4. That’s what Church is supposed to be like – a refuge for all and everyone, not just those they like. -.- That’s why I hate them. Not counting the fake authority, greed, violence in the name of ‘God’… It’s ridiculous.
    We have many islamophobes and plenty other phobes actually so we’re pretty well covered with douchebags and retards. Mostly among country leaders.
    Our school held a protest the other day for a uni, culture and science minister and they wanted his to resign so he chickened out and didn’t visit in the end. XD

    We have all schools for free. At least mostly, we pay something for libraries and I had to pay something small for morning meal (and if I stayed for lumch, some more) but it was never overly expensive. I pay less than 30 € for uni now, again for library. I buy food on special student coupons (we get ~ 20 per month for cheaper food) so it’s not that bad but it shows in quality. Some schools are thinking about minimum fees of around 300 € so only ‘serious’ ones would study, fuckups would stay home, professors would have better pays and so on, and I support this. If you’re serious, 300 € per year is very little. That’s 2 weeks of summer job and we have crappy pays as students here. 4 €/h was pretty awesome when I worked in a sports store. At the seaside the rate is higher but during summer things are crazy and in the winter barely anything happens. :L
    We were told that if all the cuts happen our professors with 2 degrees and second and third level of uni ed would get as low as 800 € per month. We have so many educated people, highly educated, that work in bars and McDonald’s and stuff because we don’t have enough work for all. I have no idea if I’ll get a job in my field. I highly doubt it (and I’m just being realistic).

    1. Agree, Christianity has exploited people since the beginning. I hate all those free church with their “healing for money” crap. And a lot of bad things had happened with the catholic churches as well. Like all those child rapes! That is insane, they believe in celibacy and instead of loving ONE person and getting children with them, they just fucking rape children! Like God would have like them anymore for that? STUPID FUCKS! (Carried away)

      TOO MUCH INFORMATION. I think my head is going to explode… But okay. I think we have pretty good pay here for students and all, some in my class (18 years old) work at McDonald’s and get paid like 10€ /h. And my girlfriend works like 2,5h two days a week teaching kids to swim and she gets like 45€ /week which is 180€ /month.

      800€ per month? That’s not enough for living! That’s insane! What are you studying and what do you want to work with? Not sure if I have ever read anything about that…

      1. Well, because of the the dark middle ages era happened so nuff said.

        😀 Hahahaha sorry, got a little too into it. 10/h is very good pay, 10 is what people in summer resosrt get that work for like 12 hrs a day and stuff in high summer season… It’s a tough work for a crappy pay. :L

        800 for us is actually OK, but not for so highly educated person. My mom got around 500 and dad around 800 with no education but they were from the old Yugoslav system where jobs were easy to get… We have lower living standard than Sweden so 800 is not half bad if 2 people in the same house have that income… My mom is currently not working, she’s in between end-of-work and retirement, which means she has to pay to the state so she can get a small pension in the end. It’s ridiculous. She has to pay for almost another year…

        I’m studying political science – defense studies. I hoped to get something in this field but my school is spewing out about 20 grads per year and employs maybe 1 or 2. So it’s bad odds and it help if you have connections… :L
        I did my summer internship in an institution that’s like CIA and even though they said they can’t offer me a job when I graduate (I’d also need to learn a lot more), I hope my good internship report could help. It’s not ideal but it’ll have to do.
        I’d prefer something with tech and marines. ❤

  5. My mom is quite highly educated and works with computers. She’s somewhere between a consult and a programmer and she gets like 4000€ per month before taxes and we really have to struggle with that (It’s just her and then me and my two little brothers). But that’s also because we have a lot of debts, and the rent is about 870€ (which is quite a lot for a four room apartment).

    Wow, that’s cool! Yeah, we have quite a big problem with people not getting work after high school and university..
    Did you have an internship at the CIA? (I know it’s not THE CIA but something similar) That is sooooooo COOL! Oh my god!
    Oh, yes. My biggest wish is to be a fighter pilot, but I don’t think that will ever happen. But good luck with it and if you try hard enough I think you’re gonna make it! 🙂

  6. 4k is a LOT but taxes can be a total bitch… My mom got 500 after all deductions I think… Not even sure. We never had too much money, just to get through the month with a set back or two. Now it’s even worse…
    How many brothers do you have, 3? I have 1 and he’s soooo annoying. I hoped we’d get along when we grew up (he’s 18) but things are just getting worse.

    Would be cool if we had better professors and less pointless classes and selective classes one could take/enjoy. -.- It’s not ideal, far from it.
    Yep. 🙂 It was AMAZING but it hasn’t got much to do with my field (it’s more cops-like) so… Still, a lot of ‘my’ people recently got a job there. 🙂 2012 has been good on us. 🙂
    FIGHER PILOT OMG YES! I wanted to be that since I was a kid but I have so many health problems I’d never bee accepted. I could be a navy nerd though, that’d be awesome. 😀

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