Photos from England

Sadly these aren’t the ones from the wedding, I will upload them later (if I have any worth showing).

But these are some pictures I took in England, mostly London. The theme is architecture with some nature involved.
Yes, they’re a bit edited in Photoshop to get that kind of romantic colour and light, but nothing to serious.

Comments and critics are welcome since I want to be better at photography, especially architectural.



6 thoughts on “Photos from England”

    1. Haha, thanks! It feels really great that someone finally commented on this.
      Though I don’t think of myself as a good photographer, but architecture photo is something I’m really passionate about 🙂

      Maybe you should invest in a camera, and then it’s ALL about practise (and it might help to go some courses or something like that)

      1. I was on your blog once before but it was all in Swedish so I was completely lost ^^ I will research this one more and I’m already following via Bloglovin’ 😉

        I was thinking about investing in one, but something always comes up like broken lap top or w/e. If I got it I’d probably try more. Having a semi-good phone camera is not very good motivation. Some pics get to be good (you can see them on my Instagram) but not many are worth a second glance. And having the right equipment is very important.

  1. Haha, yeah I can understand that. My Swedish blog is so boring and nobody cares about it so I’m trying to do a better on here (and it’s so much more fun to do it in English).
    Awesome, but I have to warn you that I do not blog that much, or maybe this is a good thing.

    Aaah, I see your problem. My Blackberry don’t have a good camera and I don’t like the camera I got from school, but I’ll never get the money to buy one… I would love to follow/see your instagrams but it’s only available for iPhones and Androids, not Blackberries. But I have seen some on your Twitter c:

    1. It’s fun doing it in English and you get wider reach if it’s not in your native language not many speak… 😉
      You got a camera in school? That’s pretty neat 🙂
      I use Webstagram because the pics look better, try it, maybe you can register and follow 🙂

      1. Yes I got one from school since my mayor is photography, hehe. And yes, the thing about English is true as well 🙂

        Oh, sounds cool! I’ll check it out!

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