New mobilphone

As I told you before, we went to England because my big brother got married. I’m gonna write a post about that later, with some photos of the wedding and all.

The point of this post was that I wanted to tell everyone who reads this blog that I got a new phone. A blackberry bold 9700. Well it isn’t really new, I bought it from my brother’s father-in-law. I’ve wanted a blackberry for a real long time, but they’re not that common in Sweden, and the few models they sell are really expensive..
But now I finally have one, and it’s awesome. It takes a bit longer to write in Swedish since I can only have English as typing languish, so it takes a bit longer to write å, ä, ö.


Published by: zebrabajz

21 y/o Swede living in South East London. Passions include video games, film & tv, books, comics, tattoos, general complaining, and having opinions on everything. Level 65 Archer on Tera Tank on FFXIV Support Main on LoL

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