So it’s 1:32 am, Saturday (Well technically it’s Sunday since it’s after midnight. But you know what I mean). Anyway, tomorrow night my girlfriend is coming here, and on Monday morning me, her, my mom, and two brothers are going to Arlanda, Stockholm. From there we’re going to fly to NARNIA! ….Erhm, England.

My big brother moved to England five(?) years ago and now he and his astonishing fiancé Rosie are getting married. I’m so excited. And you know what? I’m, along with Rosie’s best friend, a bridesmaid! Haha, a bit weird but still amazing.

I called England Narnia because I REALLY like England. I’ve been the three times, and I would love to move there. It really would be a dream come true<3 But first I have to get a kickass profession so I can afford moving. (And I guess I have to get married before I move. Since same gender couples can get married here in Sweden. Even in church. It's pretty cool I know).

My girlfriend, Moa, has never been to England so I’m super excited for her, and I want to show her everything I love everything about that wonderful country. AND we’re going to SEA LIFE! My favourite animals are Octopuses and Crocodiles, but I have never seen a octopus in real life so I’m super glad about that.

Oh, a bit personal post. I’m sorry if this is boring or uninteresting. Maybe some will enjoy this 🙂


2 thoughts on “Narnia”

    1. AAAAAAAHYEEEEEEAAAAAAH!!! That would be awesome, even better than the mansion!
      A geeky, awesome penthouse IN ENGLAND 😀 Tehe

      Thank you(?) Not sure if that is the proper answer to that… Hahah

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