Back from Stockholm (some more unluckiness)

I told you that me and my girlfriend were going to Stockholm for Pride.
But with our usual luck it didn’t go so well.

First off where were going to buy some last minute tickets to Stockholm (since we live in Sundsvall, which is 375 km up north). We were not out in last minute, because you’re able to buy last minute tickets 24 hours before departure. Any way, the tickets were sold out and all other trains would cost over 1000 sek (€115 £90). Obviously we couldn’t afford it, but we got some bus tickets cheap, but then we missed the parade, which started 13.00 and we got to Stockholm 15.30.

Then we had a hard time finding the hotel. We knew that we were supposed to go north on Drottningsgatan, but we accidentally went south. So we walked at least 2 km wrong. And our bags were really heavy. But finally we found it.

We tried to find all of those after parties but I was really hard. Eventually we got to Pride Park where they had artists and stuff like that, but I would have cost 500 sek to get in (at 22.00 and it closed at 1 am). Then we tried to get to another party, we knew that it was some where near Södermalm square. The club was going to open 23.00 and we got to the square at 22.30, we looked for almost an hour. And when we finally found it there was this huge queue, so we were not sure if we were going to get in at all.

So we just got home to the hotel, at 1 am. Our legs and feet were killing us, since we had been walking non stop from 17.00.

The next day was a bit better, we had breakfast at the hotel and then checked out. We went to the bus station and tried to find a luggage locker, and that wasn’t the easiest task. We had to go to the train station next door to find a locker, and even that took ages.

We went to the adorable old part of the city and had lunch at Taco Bar, then we did some shopping (I bought a watch and Moa a necklace). But the coolest thing was that we went to Banky’s Keep it Real exhibition. I ADORE Banksy, I really think he’s an astonishing artist and he got a lot of talent. Here’s a link for the exhibition (down on the left side you can use the google translate tool to translate).

Then we went home to Sundsvall and now I’m back in Söderhamn (were my mother lives)


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