Just watched – Atlantis

This is one of my favourite Disney films. I’ve loved it since I first saw it and I still do.
I’ve always been enchanted by the people, the culture, the characters, Milo and of course Kida.

Milo really reminds me of Daniel Jackson from Star Gate: SG1, first of all for their appearance.
But they also have a lot of other things in common, like being experts on languages (especially weird or extinct ones).
And just the way they do things and talk reminds of each other.
Daniel Jackson is in fact one of my all favourite characters, he and Charlie Eppes (Numb3rs) are my intellectual role models.
Yeah, I know, I’m weird for having fictional characters as role models…

Another thing that got me thinking is the guardians, protecting Atlantis from the water and the lava later in the film.

They got me thinking of the Four Giants in The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask. The Giants hold up to moon to protect the world from being destroyed. And the way Link summons them in the game and the way these guardians appear is really similar.

And one last thing, I REALLY like the love story. In my opinion it’s true, sweet, innocent and adorable.
Nowadays it feels like all the “love stories” are built on the fact that they are two individuals of the opposite sex, that’s all they need.
And then they go on and live as soul mates and what ever.
But in this film I think they successfully capture that transformation from just knowing each other to falling in love.
At first they are interested in each other for intellectual reasons, they want to know more about each others history and culture.
And then in the swimming scene they came a little bit closer. Later Milo tries to protect and finally saving Kida, and then they realizes their feelings.

It’s adorable, and as I said it feels innocent in a good way.


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