Project gone wrong


A while ago I had this photo project. I was going to photograph Moa, we were going to borrow some clothes from an amazing local designer, and then photograph in this stunning tower. It has this amazing spiral stairs, beautiful windows and you can get up on the roof (where you can see the whole town).

Anyway, it didn’t go as planned. First we never got the clothes from the designer, so we tried our best to replicate the style, we picked some wild flowers and had a lot of ideas. But then we got to the tower we only got ten minutes, TEN MINUTES. That’s nothing at all for a photo shoot..

So, here’s the result. Got some few good shoots anyway.


4 thoughts on “Project gone wrong”

    1. Thank you so much, they were a bit hurried and I didn’t really had the time to change the light settings or anything. It’s really great that you like them, it warms my heart!

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